A Year in the Life of Andy Warhol

What an incrededible opening! The Supremes were there. They were beautifully dressed and coiffed and seriously chaperoned by their mothers. I thought that was kind of ironic. Here they were--young, successful professional women--chaperoned within an inch of their lives, while I was much younger but completely left to my own delinquent devices with nary a duenna in sight. -- Bibbe Hansen

Un Aņo En La Vida de Andy Warhol

In late 1964, Andy Warhol commissioned young fashion photographer David McCabe to document his daily activities for one year. Hidden away for almost 40 years, the significant majority of these photographs are now presented together for the first time to largely fulfill their original intention, A Year in the Life of Andy Warhol. McCabe`s photographs are accompanied by the descriptions and reminiscences of Factory insider David Dalton, one of Warhol`s first assistants.
McCabe`s photographs have been published in various magazines including Life, Harpers Bazaar, Mademoiselle, W, French Elle, French Vogue, London Times, and a handful of his photographs of Andy Warhol have recently been exhibited in many museums around the world.
David Dalton was a founding editor of Rolling Stone, and is the author of some dozen fiction and non-fiction books, including `James Dean: The Mutant King` and `El Sid: Saint Vicious`. As teenagers he and his sister Sarah were Andy Warhol`s first assistants. With Warhol he designed in 1964 the Fab issue of the magazine Aspen.
Now Andy Warhol fans get their first chance to own a photographic diary of his circle in the year 1964-65` (British Vogue)

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