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Vola Vola to premier in Paris at Atopic Festival
Monday November 2, 2009
Atopic Festival Site (French)

Join Bibbe Hansen and a cast of thousands including: Bini Adamczak, Callie Angell, Penny Arcade, Tim Blue, Pauline Boudry, Nao Bustamante, Christophe Chemin, €ric D. Clark, Tony Conrad, Beatrice Cordua, Douglas Crimp, Vaginal Davis, Diedrich Diederichsen, Jennifer Doyle, Rainald Goetz, Karola Gramann, Birgit Hein, Wilhelm Hein, John Edward Heys, Werner Hirsch, Oliver Husain, Ken Jacobs (live Skype), Dominic Johnson, Kinky Justice, Andrew Kerton, Sean Michael Kirk, Jakob Lena Knebl, Petra Korink, Michael Krebber, Bruce LaBruce, Deirdre Logue, Renate Lorenz, Marie Losier, Guy Maddin, Thomas Meinecke, Klaus Mettig, José Muñoz, Ulrike Ottinger, Uzi Parnes, Kristian Petersen, Phantom/Ghost, Ursula Pürrer, Ann Reynolds, Evelyn Rüsseler, Hans Scheirl, Heide Schlüpmann, Katharina Sieverding, Isabell Spengler, Tim Stüttgen, Juan Suárez, Jerry Tartaglia, Chris Tedjasukmana, José Teunissen, Theater of 8 (Chloe Griffin/ Gwenäel Rattke), Gwenn Thomas, Ela Troyano, Gordon W. and Klaus Walter for:
LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World | Oct 28-Nov 1 | Arsenal-Kino, Potsdamer Str. 2, Tiergarten, S+U-Bhf Potsdamer Platz, Tel 2695 5100, / HAU 1, Stresemannstr. 29, Kreuzberg, U-Bhf Hallesches Tor, Tel 2590 040. English OV
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Lords of the Revolution Premier at Paley Center for Media New York
Panel Discussion to follow screening August 6, 2009

Lydia Lunch curates Spoken Word Stage at ATP UK featuring Bibbe Hansen.
All Tomorrow's Parties May 10, 2009

Mary Woronov, Bibbe Hansen and Holly Woodlawn at
The Purcell Room October 9, 2008

Bibbe Hansen featured as Bibbe Oh in Italian filmmaker Berardo Carboni feature "Vola Vola." "Vola Vola" is a feature film in two parts. Part one was shot completely in the virtual world known as Second Life... more information.

Bibbe Hansen on Edie Sedgwick in i-D Magazine April 2008

Mary Woronov, Bibbe Hansen and Holly Woodlawn at
Lausanne Underground Film Festival October 9-14, 2007

Homage to Nam June Paik at James Cohan Gallery

An Evening of Al Hansen Performance at Andrea Rosen Gallery

Edie Girl on Fire by Melissa Painter and David Weisman featuring Bibbe Hansen

Edie Factory Girl by Nat Finkelstein and David Dalton featuring Bibbe Hansen

The Secret History of The Whippets

featuring : Charlotte Rosenthal, Janet Kerouac and Bibbe Hansen

Listen to The Whippets

Now out on DVD the Ulli Lommel film "Olivia" starring Suzanna Love, Robert Walker Jr. and Bibbe Hansen.

On Friday December 17, 2004 at Spaceland (Silver Lake, California) the Wild Acoustic Chamber Orchestra, WACO, re-created the Exploding Plastic Inevitable featuring guest vocalist Bibbe Hansen.

Bibbe Hansen and WACO

Right Click on the image to download an excerpt of "Femme Fatale"

Bibbe Hansen in New York MagazineMay 3, 2004

A Warhol screen-test subject watches her celluloid debut for the first time.

Andy Warhol Film Archives are featured in an article by Lauren Kern in this week's New York Magazine.
New York Magazine

missing persons

"Gaton" by Bibbe Hansen published in Sex & Guts

"Sex and Guts" A collection of interviews, articles and short stories that charges headlong into the underbelly of b-movies, exploitation, the celluloid underground, literature and music.
Fiction by Hubert Selby, Jr., Gene Gregorits, Monah Li, Lydia Lunch, Nick Tosches, Bibbe Hansen, and Jerry Stahl...

Another Excerpt

In "Sex & Guts" Bibbe publishes "Gaton" an excerpt from the work in progress which is based on her girlhood diaries. For another sneak peek at this fascinating memoir which inhabits the Runyon-esque world of the late 50's and early 60's in New York City read Public Enemies No. 1 Through No. 1 ½.

Suddenly by John Aes-Nihil

"Suddenly" by John Aes-Nihil starring Vaginal Davis, Bibbe Hansen and Jade Gordon has completed principal photography. Director: John Aes-Nihil.

"The White To Be Angry" - Released on Video

The White to Be Angry
"The White To Be Angry" the groundbreaking film by Vaginal Davis is now available for purchase on VHS.

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