A U D R E Y / / / H A N S E N / / /P O E T R Y

Three poems from a series known as BROAD SONGS written by Audrey Hansen in NYC from July of 1964 through October 1965
Audrey Hansen
M is for mushroom; peyote is best
O is the orifice-cache of the sexed
T means to take-off; cosmology lose
H Holy Havelock's sexiest news
E 's for ether--the psychedelic gay
R the religious roll in the hay
If you'll observe When reconstructed All this spells "MOTHER"
Posthumously fuckted

Audrey Hansen 1965
Audrey Hansen
This motherme adores your frail young body Of Palest ivory,
I voraciously devour your very childness
Full well I know that not fulfilled for long will be my greed

The boy grows richly restless
Dying, (ah, too soon), to lose his motherneed

Foredoomed, lust clings to your small breast
Stay nestling babe; yet be my own dear

Audrey Hansen NYC 1964
Clothed, alas, by clods who lay me not nor down me neither
I tender ask a sorted box of vulgar values:
"Find me a waif of lust gone lush from non of savioring
Salvation's tunnel tumbled not with hotwhose hands..."
Cruel unfunning mocks the longmade beds
Of lonely, unmade broads.

Audrey Hansen NYC 1964
Audrey Hansen

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