Bibbe Hansen & Boy George Explain It All For You

The Supper Club-NYC
Bibbe and "The Boy"

New York City

Bibbe is the daughter of artist Al Hansen, and actress Audrey Hansen. As a child she often performed in her father's avant-garde theater pieces called "Happenings". She was also involved in the presentations of his contemporaries at such historical venues as La Mama, Circle in the Square and Judson Church and she was featured in films by Andy Warhol and Jonas Mekas. At the age of thirteen, Bibbe was the youngest of the Warhol Superstars starring in a film entitled, "Prison" opposite Edie Sedgewick.

Los Angeles

A random sojourn brought Bibbe to Los Angeles where she founded a theater company, acted in "B" movies and participated in the local punk scene as musician, and documenteur. She is the mother of three brilliant children, Beck, Channing and Rain; a pop musician, fine artist and poet respectively. From 1990 -1995, with her husband Sean Carrillo, she operated Troy Cafe in downtown Los Angeles. With the incomparable Vaginal Davis, Bibbe formed the band Black Fag and wrote, performed and directed theater and performances with friends like Charles Lane, Jade Gordon, John Aes-Nihil and Edwin Seth Brown.

Bibbe and Sean are the directors of the Al Hansen Archive, continuing exhibitions of her father's work, performing and lecturing at museums, galleries and universities around the world.


The millenium change has brought things full circle and Bibbe now finds herself relocating back to her childhood home, New York City where she currently pursues a fine art career while writing a memoir based on her girlhood journals.

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